Quality Policy

The quality policy of ERREGI S.r.l. is inspired by the following principles:

  • the reference clients for the definition of the company mission are Public Administrations, Local Authorities, Construction Companies and Engineering Companies operating in the field of large works and, in particular, infrastructures;
  • it is essential to implement a continuous comparison with the reference market of the organization, with great willingness to review and willingness to review the quality management system, to ensure its continued suitability;
  • the company’s competitiveness must be implemented, improving multidisciplinarity, proactive capacities, above all, in terms of process and product innovation and through the reduction of service delivery costs, through ever greater organisational efficiency;
  • the achievement and continuous improvement of the performance and objectives set by the QMS must be a widespread responsibility at all levels of the organisation and, therefore, management attaches the utmost importance to the instruments for monitoring effectiveness and efficiency;
  • corporate communication is the fundamental tool to allow everyone to understand the company policy and objectives and to be aware of their role with regard to their achievement and to make the functioning and coordination of the QMS processes effective;
  • management promotes the philosophy of risk within the organisation and, specifically, in the implementation of strategies and operational processes;
  • the analysis, evaluation and search for satisfaction of stakeholders relevant to the implementation and development of the quality management system;
  • the development of the skills of the people working in or under the control of the organisation.

ERREGI S.r.l. pursues the satisfaction of the relevant stakeholders (internal and external customers) through the implementation of the following commitments:

  • -technical quality of the design, works supervision and safety coordination services provided;
  • -maximum integration with the organization and with the design and procedural standards of the Customer;
  • compliance with contractual delivery times;
  • research, in the development of its projects, of solutions that achieve the best technical / economic compromise to the advantage of the customer;
  • multidisciplinary services;
  • innovative character of the products supplied;
  • competitiveness of the offers;
  • consolidation of company know-how;
  • planning of the management of changes impacting on the company’s objectives or strategic directions;
  • definition, diffusion and support to the company roles involved in the company management and in the implementation of the Quality Management System;
  • efficiency, competence and capacity in the search for and maximisation of stakeholder satisfaction;
  • involvement, awareness, professional training and motivation of human resources;
  • updated hardware and software based on predefined quality requirements;
  • continuous improvement in the quality of its services.

The Management, in order to ensure that the entire service delivery cycle is carried out under the following conditions with repeatable results, has chosen to implement a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System is the responsibility of all employees and collaborators of the company, according to the respective organizational and operational procedures defined in the Quality Management System Manual and in the relative support procedures.

Whoever operates in the organization of ERREGI S.r.l. or in its name and on its behalf is obliged to comply with this policy and the organizational and procedural rules defined in the documentation of the System of

Quality Management, has the task of detecting non-conformities or deficiencies that may affect the quality of service or customer satisfaction, and to identify and propose improvements to the System.