Zulfi Railway Passenger Station

Al Zulfi - Riyadh Province - Saudi Arabia
AL-MOBTY & Al-Bawani JV

Total Amount
65.000.000 €


Current status
Tender Project

Concept design, Preliminary Infrastructural, Architectural, Structural and Equipment design, in collaboration with ITALFERR S.p.A.

In planning terms, the railway station is not only the way for passengers to get on/off trains. It is worldwide recognized as an urban place, as a lively and attractive place in the city, a combination of urban and public space, commercial areas and services for both residents and travelers, a relaxing place in what is planned to be the heart of a busy city. In short “A place to live where you can find the pleasure of living”.

The Zulfi Station is located on a railway line along which there are a series of already realized stations. These stations are based on a single typological project that have the same architectural, functional and structural characteristics. The geometry of the pre-existing stations is based on a curve directrix which generates a large coverage. In conceiving the geometry of our Project proposal Station building our main goals were give a strong brand identity to the general image of the station, create a building with a strong aesthetic impact capable of expressing modernity, efficiency and a vision projected in the future.

The geometry of our proposed project unifies the whole composition in a single curved design that includes the station and the platform. Through a sloping geometry, coverage extends laterally to cover the all the length of platform. The main building volume is harmonically connected to the side wings. Structural spans were regularized, alternating closed covering parts and skylights.

The design is formally and spatially articulated by the “up and down” projection of the skylights. These skylights provide plenty of natural light allowing significant energy savings.

The unity and the essentially strong geometry of the morphological concept is reflected also in the interior space. There is also a direct and complementary relationship between structural and architectural elements into a single synthetic image that expresses lightness and functional efficiency. The interior space is designed to ensure a high aesthetic value and to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that can be a point of attraction regardless of the passenger transport function.