Light Rail Transit System Cosenza-Rende

Cosenza, Italy
CMC Cooperativa Muratori Cementisti Ravenna

Total Amount
127.207.000 €

Year of start

Current status
Under construction

Infrastructural, Structural,
Architectural and
Equipment Detailed Design

The project of the line “System of metropolitan connection between Cosenza – Rende and University of Calabria” provides for the construction of a tramway line that insists on existing roads with the exception of the section connecting with the University of Calabria, called UNICAL antenna, which instead insists on suburban area. Generally speaking, the project envisages the construction of a reserved or promiscuous tramway track, depending on the needs of the area.

The Project provide the Detailed design of 20.9 km of tramway line between Cosenza City Center and Rende town and includes 32 stops covered by canopies. The Main project features include: double way tramway line track inside existing city roads, structural interferences and existing depot modification, tram recovery building, offices and Operation Control Center, workshop building.

The involved disciplines are architectural, structural and MEP design of the two main stations, Unical station and Due Fiumi station and Depot’s buildings. In the 1.8 km-long Viale Mancini section, the tramway line is placed into a linear park that redevelops a vast urban area. This park includes a cycle path, areas dedicated to sport and green areas.