Ponte dei Congressi

Rome, Italy
Risorse per Roma S.p.A

Total Amount
103.630.950,71 €

2015 – 2018

Current status

Preliminary and Constructive Design.

The project consists in the construction of an infrastructural system with rotators that uses the new “Ponte dei Congressi” in the incoming direction (towards Rome) and the existing “Ponte della
Magliana” (direction Fiumicino airport), organized on four one-way lanes, with removal of the central traffic barrier. The new infrastructural system will make it possible to maintain the direct connection between the Rome-Fiumicino highway and the Cristoforo Colombo read, also allowing direct connection between the hihgway and EUR and between “via Isacco Newton” and EUR, through a two-way ramp on “via dell’Oceano Pacifico”.

The area subject to intervention is located in the South West quadrant of the city, between EUR and Magliana districts, in the territories of the IX and XI municipalities. The Ponte della Magliana, crossing the Tiber river, represents a “road junction” affected by important crossing flows, both tangential (Newton road) and radial type of the various road penetrations constitutes the result of the Rome-Fiumicino highway, and it also performs the function of connection between the right bank (to which the flows in transit on the Rome-Fiumicino highway, via della Magliana and via Isacco Newton) and the left bank on which relations with the EUR insist, Via C Colombo , the Via del Mare, Via Ostiense and the Via Laurentina.

Therefore, from the point of view of classification of roads in the urban sector of direct interest to the intervention, the current layout includes:

a) Viability of the Rome-Fiumicino highway.
b) Primary roads Via Isacco Newton, Ponte sul Tevere, Viadotto della Magliana and Viale dell’Atletica.
c) Main roads Via Cristoforo Colombo, Viale Marconi and further east from the stretch of Via Laurentina south of the Tintoretto junction.
d) Secondary roads.