Road SS199 Sassari-Olbia lot 3

Sardinia, Italy

Total Amount
114.663.051,60 €

2013 – 2015

Current status

Constructive Design of the “SS 199 Adaptation to the “4 lanes” typology of the “Sassari Olbia” Lot. 3 itinerary.
From Km 24.200 to Km 36.100 Verification of compliance.

The road track of Lot 3 has adevelopment of 11,900m (from km 24,200 to km 36,100 and starts near the Martis junction. The sizing of the electrical systems for street lighting is an integral part of the constructive project of the systems envisaged as part of the works of realization of Lot 3 of the adaptation to typology B 4 lanes) of the Sassari Olbia itinerary.

The intervention in question concerned the street lighting of:

– Martis junction at Km 24 + 537.48 with entry and exit ramps, the SV01 flyover and the roundabout between the SS 597 and the local road L3SV1.
– Tula junction at Km 26 + 084.48 with entrance and exit ramps, the SV02 overpass between the local road L3SV3 ter and the roundabout between the SS 598 and the local road L3SV2.
– Junction 6 at Km 31 + 280.00 with entrance and exit ramps, the SV03 flyover for local road L3SV6.
– Junction 6 A at Km 34 + 324.57 with entrance and exit ramps, the CV03 overpass between L3SV6bis L3SV8bis by local road.
– GA01 Ecoduct at KM 34 + 500.00.