Torre Spaccata Station – Rome Metro Line C

Rome, Italy
Roma Metropolitane

2008 – 2015

Current status

Structural and Architectural Detailed and Constructive Design, As Built

The Torre Spaccata metro station is the first (west to east) deep station of the T6A lot of the new metro Line C in Rome. The route runs through the extreme eastern suburbs of communal territory, within a territory characterized by a timely construction of spontaneous single-family homes and intensive settlements with towers and long-established new buildings. The station assumes intermodal significance for the planned completion of a bus terminal at the intersection between via Casilina and via Tor Tre Teste. The superficial placement of the two pedestrian squares, with ample parking spaces, involves the use of basalt tiles and basalt cubes for the pavement, alternating with green tree planted areas with a degrading level towards the entrance of the underground atrium. The crossing of Casilina and the existing railroad will take place via a pedestrian underpass practiced by the disabled for the presence of the elevator also in the south side of Casilina Street. The escavation of the station was carried out with the “Top-down” method, which involves the construction of the descent slopes, as contrast to the diaphragms. This realization option allows to minimize the occupation of the ground, since after the deviation of the undergound services and the realization of the roof slab, the traffic can be reopened, minimizing the construction yard area.