Termini Junction metro Line “A” – Metro Line “B”

Rome, Italy
Roma Metropolitane

Total Amount
45.536.932 €

2008 – 2011

Current status

Structural, Architectural and Equipment Detailed and Constructive Design, As Built, Safety plan, Assistance to the Construction supervision

The Termini’s Node Project has been calibrated to prevent passengers congestion problems occurring along the internal flow routes, especially in the link way from Line A to Line B, optimizing the distribution of passenger flows and overall improving the security of the Metro Stations. Another priority of the project was the improvement of accessibility to the service, with particular regard to users with reduced motor and visual skills, obtained through the elimination of architectural barriers and the introduction of guidance for blind and visually impaired people. Renovation of all finishes has also been studied, to make the environments more comfortable and to improve the overall image of both stations, as well as a general renovation of all equipment systems, with particular regard to safety related issues. The main innovation introduced was the construction of a new pedestrian underground tunnel between Line A and Line B platforms. The new tunnel was excavated in depth, in the virgin soil layer, for a precise choice to avoid any interference with both the archaeological layer of the subsoil and the high vehicular surface traffic, paths and accessibility. All the connection paths between the different levels have been mechanized: new lifts have been inserted also for connecting Line A to the ground level; Existing escalators have been replaced and new tapis-roulants have been installed to improve accessibility. With regard to fire safety equipment, both stations have been implemented with water, smoke extraction and “air barriers” equipment. The electrical systems have also been renewed, with the adoption of innovative interior lighting systems. The Project includes also special and low current equipment systems: fire safety, communication, TVCC etc. At the Stations entrances the turnstiles were replaced, with a new location particularly in Line B.