Riyadh Metro Line 3

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Total Amount
~ 1.500.000.000 €


Current status
under construction

Structural and Architectural shop drawings

The project involves the design and the construction of the new Line 3 (41.58 km) Metro Riyadh, the longest line of the gigantic project of the new network of subways of Saudi Arabia capital.

The lot awarded is in fact an important part of the broader contemporary construction project of the new Riyadh metro network, consists of 6 lines with an overall length of about 180 km. The main technical data of the whole work can be summarized as follows:

Total line length – 41.58 km
Number of stations – 22
Line on viaducts – 25.73 km
Line Tunnel – 9.73 km (of which 3.5 km with TBM)
Surface line – 4.10 km
Multi-storey car parks for the user – 114.000mq
Deposits for servicing trains – 2
Roads and green areas – 362.000mq

The Deep Underground Station 3F1 is located within a public square near the King Abdullah bin Abdulahziz bin Turki Street , in front of the Riyadh Railway Station, near the existing parking area . The station is designed with two different volumes. A more superficial volume (access area) through which passengers pass from the subway platform to reach the railway station. A deep volume that is destined for the plants and to direct the passenger flows to the subway platforms. The design of this deeper volume includes 3 different underground levels (lobby, mezzanine and quay) with a mezzanine central atrium. These two volumes are separated by a wall of 1.0 m thickness. The deeper area has columns positioned on a variable grid to support prefabricated beams and to prevent the scaffold from collapsing during construction. The main columns are crossed by joints from the bottom plate. The structures of this station are made of cls cast in situ, with regard to the underplatform slab, the track slab, columns, piles and walls. Instead, the prefabricated cls were used for the platform slab, the mezzanine floor, the concourse floor, and stairs. Steel has been used for permanent reinforcement, support frames and body shells on the surface.

Erregi has also developed shop drawings for two surface stations and two Depots for rolling stock.